The Regal Reign – Top Instagram Influencers

Instagram is unarguably one of the leading social media platforms that has a major influence on the lifestyle of people. Being one of the most used apps amongst the elites and the celebrities, the fan following of the celebrities is quite unmatchable. The word celebrity not only invokes those from the film industry but also designers, musicians, artists, chefs, beauticians, and political personalities. The number of people who have found fame and a strong fan following in insta alone is increasing at a steady rate day by day.

Influencing the masses

It is said that a successful ideology is one that doesn’t seem to be an ideology but becomes part of the society. In a very similar way, without the conscious awareness of the followers, the celebrities promote certain brands of products and lifestyle among them. This is done so very effortlessly and naturally that the follower who probably worships the celebrity instantly builds a liking towards the product. If the master likes the product, then there sure is something commendable about it, isn’t it? This is why they are named as Instagram influencers.

Also, with the growing popularity of beauty pages and pages on cooking, the promotion of a product by the influencers is done by showing the audience that they actively use these products. And once the product is appreciated by them, there is no more thinking for the follower, it can be trusted with their eyes closed!

Finding Sponsorship

Whether you are aware of the influence celebrities have on you or not, the market makers sure have understood and tested their strategies on you. This is the sole reason why a brand has a celebrity brand ambassador or any budding celebrity promotes a certain brand. With every new post or story about a brand, the influencers get their share of income.

A look at the top insta influencers will show you people from such diverse genres that it will leave you quite appalled. In the year 2018, stars such as Huda Kattan’s beauty page, Michelle Levin’s fitness page, Camila Coelho’s beauty, and makeup page, Louis Cole’s travel and adventure page and the hundreds of film and sports stars have made it up to the top Instagram influencers‘ list. Isn’t it just amazing how a person sitting across the world can influence what you wear, what you eat, your next haircut, your next brand of hair care products and also how you think so much so that you are not in the least aware that you are the target for the market.

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